Sewer Services

EnviroWaste Services Group Inc., specializes in the cleaning of storm-water drainage systems and sewers. ESG provides any services related to storm and sanitary sewers for private clients, commercial industries, municipalities, FDPT, government agencies, and more!



* Environmental Consulting Services
* Pressure Test, Smoke Test, and Pre and Post Video Inspections
* Storm and Sanitary Systems Inspection and Cleaning Services
* Phase I and II Audits
* Maintenance of Traffic Plans
* Soakage Pits and Oil/Water Separators
* Soil Remediation of Contaminated Sites
* High Pressure Water Jetting for Washing Sidewalks, Fountains, Parking Lot Walls and Floors
* Root Cutting Inside Pipes
* Lateral Service Line Inspections, Installations, and Lining
* Repair of Lines using Sealing, Grouting, and Sectionals Liners
* Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Evaluation and Remediation
* Non-Hazardous Sludge Removal and Disposal
* General Environmental Services

A new drainage system is designed to drain in a matter of minutes. It is recommended that regular maintenance is performed on your drainage system at least once a year to ensure proper water flow. Without appropriate care, leaves, sediment, and trash accumulate, pipes corrode, tree roots perforate the pipes, cracks appear in the system, and oil and tire particles from cars build up sludge. These factors cause an obstruction of proper drainage and cause pipe performance to deteriorate, thus rendering your drainage system useless. EnviroWaste has the necessary equipment and experience to identify the problem and quickly and efficiently correct it as well.

Honorably Serving the Entire State of Florida and Will Serve Other States if Needed! Call 1-786-478-6029


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EnviroWaste offers 24 hour emergency response for situations such as hurricane relief, heavy rain events,sewer backups,
sewer line breaks, lift station outages, and any other
related natural or man made disasters.

EnviroWaste Services Group

  • Florida General Contractor
  • State of Florida Minority Certified
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Drug Free Workplace

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